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For many people the fear of financial uncertainty keeps them awake at night, as
MCA Motor Club of America TVC IBO you will always have a stream of income…unless you fire yourself!
Everyday is a new opportunity to earn as much as you can generate! NEVER HAVE TO



What Is Motor Club of America?

What is Motor Club of America? Established in 1926, Motor Club of America is a premier auto club with over 13 million members in the U.S. & Canada, specializing in roadside assistance & tow benefits, as well as 150k in other driver related benefits. Our members also enjoy over 100k in benefits & perks for non-drivers. Motor Club of America is not your average auto club, with benefits ranging from 50% off major surgical and dental procedures, to unlimited roadside! We are also the auto club that pays its members, making entrepreneurs out of hundreds of thousands of our members across North America! Motor Club of America, a trusted name in the auto club and trucking industry for over 80 years, was recently acquired by one the top U.S. marketing firms, TVC Marketing Associates INC. This acquisition, combining the incomparable benefits of MCA, and the marketing power of TVC Matrix, has allowed members to become associates and independently market the MCA brand. Some companies invest millions in commercial advertising, others wisely invest advertising dollars in word of mouth referral advertising from existing members. This is a new venture, and we are looking for ambitious individuals to continue expanding the MCA brand across the U.S. and Canada. Based on work ethic and consistency of course, working with MCA can be supplemental income or six figure income. TVC Marketing Associates are paid weekly commissions via direct deposit every Friday. The MCA associate compensation plan is as follows:
TVC Marketing requires their independent contractors and resellers to be active MCA TVC members themselves. The reason for this is part of a marketing philosophy that goes back to the roots of TVC Marketing as a top direct marketing company, which are documented below, that made TVC the marketing powerhouse it is today. It essentially lends more credibility to a product, for the seller to also be a customer.You start as an MCA member, monthly membership is 19.95 a month, there is no contractual obligation and $39.90 prepays your membership for two months. This will make you eligible to become an active associate and start referring people @$80/referral for every $40  ($19.95/two months) initial MCA membership fee. Membership kits arrive within five business days, but benefits are effective immediately, as well as access to your personalized tvc site and back office. You may start referring and earning immediately!

As an MCA member and associate you will have available to you:
An Associate Services department which is here from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday Eastern Time to assist you in sales input, product information, commission inquiries, or a host of other services that will help you succeed.
Our Call Center for Member Services which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist our members with Auto and Legal Needs.

Associate Requirements:
– Be 18 years of age or older
– Have internet access (If you plan on only marketing online)
– Have 4 to 8 hours free a week to maximize your income
– We will also require to fill out some forms for us (W-9 and Associate Agreement Form, State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form in certain applicable states)

You also have a formal tvc marketing training manual in your tvc back office, as well as access to the TVC-MCA associate training section of this website, which is packed with marketing tips, resources and daily goals to assist in your success!

TVC Marketing Associate Payments


How To Make Money With MCA

TVC Matrix Associate Compensation Structure:

1-4 members per week = $80 per sale

5-9 members per week = $82 per sale

10-14 members per week = $84 per sale

15-19 members per week = $86 per sale

20-29 members per week = $88 per sale

30+ members per week = $90 per sale

*Earn $6.00 for every 2nd generation referral (associates or customers who’ve signed up under associates you referred)!

TVC Direct Sales


A compensation plan like no other! Network marketing/direct sales 
makes more millionaires out of ordinary Americans than any other industry 
besides real estate. With MCA you have a unique compensation incomparable to any 
other in the direct sales industry. That’s because when someone signs up as an 
MCA member whether just for the great benefits, or both the benefits & the 
opportunity to earn great money you earn a 200% commission. Your prospect invest 
$40 to prepay for two months and you earn $80! Make a daily goal of just one 
referral a day and you will receive $560 a week!

TVC Matrix Overrides: Team Building is Key!

orTeam building is key, work smarter not harder! $80 per $40 referral sounds 
right? How about weekly checks in the thousands, with most of the income coming 
from the efforts of others! That’s what happens in MCA when you build a solid 
team, because MCA also pays you $6 when someone you personally referred makes a 
signup! If you have 50 reps on your team each making 1 sale a week that is an 
extra $300/week in your pocket, without having to do a thing accept having a 
solid knowledgeable team.  Many MCA reps who may personally only enroll 3-5 reps 
a week receive $1,000-4k weekly checks because they understand this, and they 
want to see others make money!

How To Join MCA/TVC Matrix


STEP 1: You enroll as a Motor Club of America member by going to TVC MATRIX or by clicking the get started icon below, to get MCA total security benefits for two months! (19.95/m). This will make you eligible to become a TVC associate. This also gives you total MCA coverage for unlimited yearly towing, road side assistance, hotel discounts, tickets, $25,000 bail bond, $5,000 auto related legal fees, $50,000 in auto related hospital bills, emergency room coverage, dental, vision, and all sorts of other great benefits. Click MCA Total Security for a full list of your member benefits. You may enroll by clicking the take action icon below. MCA has NO contractual agreement, NO cancellation fee!

STEP 2You click your associates tab after checking out and choose a username, then follow the steps to register as an associate to get your own url and personal website & back office to start referring others to right away! Be sure to use a checking, debit or credit card, *transactions via reloadable cards are not accepted.

*Your personalized tvc site and referrral link will be

Check your email for the new associate welcome (if you do not receive your welcome email within 24 hours please check your spam or junk folder.). This will contain access to the tvc marketing training group and training website, as well as training videos, then thoroughly read your MCA training manual. This is located under your associates tab, under sales support. Be sure to print out and mail in your associates agreement and W9 tax form for independent contractors as soon as possible so there is no hold on your payments. Come back to this site with the password provided in your welcome email to access the training section of this site! Your appointed recruiter will contact you within 24 hours by email or telephone to go over your development and training program. Your MCA Profile will be added to our web site. Your membership card will arrive at your home within 3 to 4 business days,
yet you can start working as a Independent Sales Associate immediately!
*TVC Marketing payments will be paid every Friday via direct deposit, if you do not have a bank account you can sign up for free direct deposit via NetSpend by clicking the banner  further below or visiting NetSpend. You will also receive a $20 bonus when you load $40.

So you get the benefits for yourself, and refer 5 people a week, that’s a $400 a week paycheck, direct deposit or company check mailed to you! Most new associates enroll 10 or more people in their first week. That’s 10 times $80! Referrals can be made online via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, etc. An income of $400-$2,000/week is easily attainable by consistently doing two effective post a day on these venues. If you are familiar with internet marketing and SEO you can monetize your skills and create your own website and get your business in full swing to get into the $3-4k/week range! You may also market the Motor Club of America brand offline with custom business cards, door hangers, flyers, car magnets, mall kiosk etc. As an Independent Business Owner you have full control over the marketing techniques you choose. World-class marketing training and expert mentoring is provided to all new associates. As a Motor Club of America TVC associate, your income potential is based on your own personal effort and willingness to learn.

You do the math, this is a no-brainer, get the coverage for you and your car and make money while you work from your home. This is a true game changer, what would you do with an extra $4,000 to $8,000 a month?

Your Personalized TVC Matrix Site!


This is where purchase your MCA package that fits your needs, so that your are eligible to become a paid TVC Associate. For a full list of your member benefits visit MCA Total Security.


This is where you need to register after purchasing an MCA package.


This is where you check you weekly referrals and how many new members you have on your team.

This is the Plan you want to select when you register.

MCA Total Security Motor Club!
100 mile Towing! Legal Benefits!
$50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefit!
$19.95/month. Click Here Get Started!


Now remember that it only cost $40 to become a Motor Club of America Total Security Member which prepays the first two months of membership, and the cost is just $19.95 per month thereafter. If you only happened to refer one membership per month, you receive your monthly membership free, and earn a $60 profit!

Associates with Motor Club of America are earning upwards of $6,000 per week, and more simply by sharing the MCA Total Security benefits program with everyone they come into contact with, whether it’s online or off, with no cap on associate earnings, your income is based solely on your effort and consistency. TVC in conjunction with MCA has developed the most unique direct sales program around, and is being considered the best new way to work from your home. Anyone familiar with direct sales (Mary Kay, Avon, Amway etc) tend to associate most direct marketing companies with numerous gatherings and showcases with friends and strangers. MCA referrals can be made completely online, with 200% advance commissions paid up front.

Many services along with $50,000 AD&D coverage. Towing up to 100 miles Around the clock 24/7 Dispatch Services, 365 days a year. With MCA coverage throughout the US and Canada serving motorist since 1926 you can earn extra income with Double up WEEKLY PAY. Your customers/clients will enjoy the protection and security of having the most comprehensive auto club benefits program in the United States and Canada. These great benefits provided by MCA, and the unmatched compensation plan through TVC Matrix makes Motor Club of America the ultimate work from home opportunity!

Earn $80 for every $19.95/mo
 ($40 prepaid for the first 2 months) membership you sell, paid to you the very next week and delivered to your door via UPS or direct deposit.

About TVC Matrix:

TVC is the parent company and the company that registers everyone as an independent contractor. TVC is owned by Virgil Coffee. His background has always been sales and marketing motor club and Legal service plans since 1960. TVC was the marketing arm for Pre-Paid Legal when they first started as a company and Mr. Coffee actually wrote their marketing plan. The marketing plan took them from 1.6 million in sales to over 47 million a short period of time.

In 1987, Mr. Coffee formed his own company, TVC, starting with one plan, a legal service plan for over the road commercial drivers. Since that time, TVC or “the Truckers Voice in Court” has acquired many smaller and some larger motor club companies as they came available for purchase.

The latest acquisition was Motor Club of America. Founded by William W. Green, Motor Club of America had it’s beginnings in 1926, so its a well established company in itself and the membership base came with the purchase. At this time, TVC has well over 12 million members as a base in all the different service packages being marketed and is growing daily.

Motor Club of America was put on the market in October 2011, with the plan where as an MCA customer, you can register as an independent associate with TVC Marketing Associates, and have the right to market any of their service packages. The beauty of this is you have a “ground floor” opportunity with the stability and foundation of a 25 year old company.

Motor Club of America or MCA for short has been in business for 86 years and has established itself as a well respected, and trusted company within that period of time with people all across the United States and Canada.

How can Motor Club of America benefit you? Read below:


By becoming an MCA member, privileges also include the Motor Club of America direct marketing plan in conjunction with the TVC Matrix corp direct marketing company.

The partnering of TVC Matrix and MCA “Motor Club of America” benefits each member/associates with an unprecedented compensation plan that is taking the direct sales community by storm.

Obtaining FULL Motor Club of America “MCA” benefits along with becoming an MCA TVC business associate through the TVC Marketing direct marketing company can provide earning potential for anyone, from stay at home mom and dads, students, senior citizens, retirees, p/t and f/t working adults, and professional ceo experts, business owners & network marketers alike.

It only cost $40 (first 2 months prepaid membership) to become a “Total Security Member” with Motor Club of America, and $19.95 per month thereafter. Now the compensation plan offered by Motor Club of America is by far the most lucrative above any within the industry.

*$80-90 commissions are advance commissions based on a signup being a customer for a minimum of seventeen months. Although there is no contractual obligation with MCA memberships, there will be a chargeback on early cancellations, not to exceed 50% of an associates check. See our faq page for more info on chargebacks.

*All transactions will take place on the secure tvc matrix home site.

For questions concerning the TVC Associates program:
Contact MCA/TVC Agent DeMarco Dior :
(If no response please check your junk)

Mailing Address:
TVC Matrix
3200 W. Wilshire Blvd
OKC, OK 73116

For questions concerning MCA Benefits:
MCA Toll free customer service number: 1-800-227-6459

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Corporation MCA does not share your contact information. Any requested data is solely for correspondence purposes. For more information see our Privacy Policy

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